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You want to access network devices that should be accessible under constantly changing, public IP addresses? In this case, IP watch.dog as your personal DynDNS service will do the trick.

How it works



IPwatch.dog is configured once in the network device (e.g. NAS, router, IP Camera, etc.).


The configured device will report its current IP address to IPwatch.dog. This happens every time the dynamic address of the device changes.


IPwatch.dog updates all affected vhosts and sets static pointers to the new address of your device.


  • Free: up to 5 virtual hosts / subdomains per account
  • Advertising: no thanks!
  • Variety: select from different TLD domain names
  • Fast: Register your personal domain name, enter your IP address or configure your network device. That's it!
  • Simple: no additional software required, everything is managed via web interface.
  • Secure: Web page and IP address updates interface are secured with SSL.
Easy and fast setup
Secured with SSL/TLS


The Ipwatch.dog DDNS provider can be used in a multitude of ways.
Just see for yourself what other customers use it for!

What customers say

"I have a media server at home which I use for storing our family pictures and my work-related documents. IPwatch.dog helps me to easily access my files on the go when I want to show off some pictures at the pub or discuss some documents at a meeting."

Peter D.

"I run a small website for my sports club from home. Thanks to IPwatch.dog it was super easy get the site published to the Internet. I didn?t even have to invest in a premium domain since there are so many free domains available out of the box."

Lisa M.

"I use IPwatch.dog to monitor my IP cameras at my business."

Max G.


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